branding-container links identified only by color

Siteimprove can flag links as not meeting WCAG 1.4.1 Use of Color.

"If links in blocks of text are identified only by color, the color contrast ratio between the link text and the surrounding text needs to be at least 3:1. This is not the case here.

Furthermore, for links identified only by color there should be additional visual cues when users point to the link with their mouse or move keyboard focus to the link. The additional visual cues could be underlining the link or making it bold."

While the colors vary based on site theme, every site I've encountered uses colors for the Accessibility and Report Copyright Infringement links at the bottom of the page that does not meet the 3:1 threshold compared to the adjacent text. For example, the aa, which uses the Conservative theme, has gray (#bac5c6) for the links with white (#FFF) text, a ratio of only 1.8:1. Note that on the Online Accessibility site, I've added some extra CSS to add underlines back to these links, which is another way to sufficient distinguish them.
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