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Fixes/improvements to site search

Here are some ideas + bugs I found while investigating adding a search box for publications.

1. Idea: retain current filters should be checked by default
2. Idea: in general, should have links to search results
3. Bug: content search always appears to be selected and also does not yield any results. Documentation does not explain what content vs. site search is
4. Bug: get content search result from completely unrelated OpenScholar site
5. Bug: expanding the advanced search options breaks the layout

More detail on each item is below.

1. I want to put a filtered search widget on the publications page to search publications only. However, a user using this search box does not know there has been a publications only filter applied (since that is something I set in the widget itself, as a site admin). In the resulting search page, there is a "Retain current filters" option but it is not selected by default. Likely, the user will not check this option (because again they didn't apply any filters themselves so they don't know what "retain current filters" means), and if the user changes their search string and redoes the search, it will give results from all content types, not just publications. It would be better to have the filters retained by default.

2. For search results that are snippets from a basic page, there is no way of knowing where that snippet is from, and there is no link going to the source page. For example: the search results for "iros":, I personally know the 3rd/last result is from the Lab News page ( but in the search results themselves, there is no indication of that. And I have no idea where the 2nd search result if from. Also, the snippets themselves do not contain IROS (that term is elsewhere on the source page) so I'm not sure why that specific piece of text is snipped.

3. It is unclear what the difference between content search and site search is. The documentation does not explain it ( It always looks like "Content" is selected, even after I click on "Site" and the URL corresponds to site search: Also, the Content search does not seem to be useful at all, it gives no results (or random weird results, see #4 below). For example, site search for "proprioceptive" turns up the papers I want (, but the content search gives no results (

4. The result of the content search shown here is from a completely unrelated Harvard page (Government 2126), which also is a restricted page (get an access denied message)! In the site search settings, I am not searching subsites or other sites so I don't know why this appears as a result.

5. When the advanced search options are expanded (example here:, it moves UNDER the site footer so that a lot of options are covered up. This could potentially be due to the custom CSS on our site, however, I would have expected it to behave the same way as when additional publications are loaded at the end of the publications page (i.e. the footer moves down, under the newly loaded content).
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