HWPI Accessibility issues


  • 14 pages with slideshow images with default alt text (the filename)

  • 8 pages with no alt text on file icons in the body of text. We don't even support adding the file icon anymore.

  • 3 pages have empty headers in the content

  • 1 page is complaining about presentation attributes in an embedded iframe (frameborder). I think its picking up on bgcolor in the src attribute as well, which would make this an error to ignore

  • 34 pages with links only denoted by changes in color. I'll tell Dan to just put an underline on them. (#3127)

  • Done in OpenScholar 3.6. 4 pages have links to different emails all with the same link text 'email'. This should have the person's name in them.(#3058).

  • Every page complains about text color contrast in responsive mode. It still considers the background some grey color while the text color is white. (#3128)

  • Every page complains about Home in the breadcrumb and in the menu. Do you still need Home in the menu? Half of the pages with Link Doublet errors are only this. (#2954)

  • Every person post with the 'Finance and Research Administration' term complains because that text is used to point to a different page in the quick links at the bottom of the page. Also, any page with that vocab in a block. Pretty much any time a taxonomy term has the same label as a menu link, but the menu link is not to the term, you're going to have errors

  • The previous two make up a huge chunk of the errors.

  • Some slideshows are using absolute links instead of relative, so the same link text will go to the same place on production, but not on dev.

  • 1 page has an iframe with no title text, which I guess it needs.

  • Text color is slightly below AA contrast requirement for events

  • It complains about color contrasts for the slideshow pager as well. I don't know what the right solution is for this.


  • 2 pages complain about using the small element. It wants a semantic element which is styled to look small. I'm not sure what element would fit the purpose here.

  • 7 pages have the same link text pointing to different locations in the body of the post, or in the slideshow. This is all the Link Doublet errors on this side.

  • 1 page has a broken link to a css file. (#3061)

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