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Improve Admin Page Creation

The appetite for 'cards' and visuals leading to other content on a website is causing an incredible amount of overhead for any site in OpenScholar. For example landing page features 12 IMPACT PAGES
In order to achieve this look we had to create 12 small images - 12 chtml widgets to hold the image and link to the impact story - then we had to create 4 additonal columns widgets and put the 12 cards in at 3 each and style each column and link to the impact story - not reusing anything already on the impact story.

the time spent is not the only issue - redundancy leaves one open to errors and reputational damage when those errors occur.

Each Impact Page has 6 to 8 widgets because there's no other way to style a page.
but this still doesn't allow you to use these pages in a dynamic fashion (while remaining visually appealing)

We would be happy to work with you on creating this layout/template on a page. Perhaps it's even just an added couple of fields on the right side where we add a blurb and image to make a rollup page with a card.
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