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Improve the usability of section and subpage creation

Right now, if a user creates a subpage and needs it to show on the main menu as a drop down, there are several steps involved: 1)create the child page page and add it to the menu
2) Go to the menu page and make the page a child of the section (again)

If the user creates a subpage, the parent relationship is created at that point correct? Why then, does it have to be created again, manually in the menu page by dragging it?

A more usable solution would be to have, like in some Drupal sites, a dropdown that shows up when checking the "add to menu" box that shows the actual menu items and hierarchy in order to insert the new (or any) page into any menu. The step of going to the menu page is eliminated. This also solves the nav bar being populated with links that do not belong there until removed.
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