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Make Slideshow and Slider widgets not auto-advance by default

[I thought I had brought this up before but couldn't find it.]

The older slideshow widget and newer slider widget both have a Duration setting to control when the content changes, from as little as 1 second to as much as 10 seconds. Content moving automatically, not under the user's control, can be distracting and affect people with vestibular disorders (they're not so fast or flashy as to trigger seizures). Content owners should have an option for slides to not automatically advance at all. I also propose that this setting should be the default.

Design for comprehension | Online Accessibility

Additionally, the widgets could be designed to respect the prefers-reduced-motion media query introduced in Safari and which is expected to be adopted by other browsers. It's a browser setting users can enable so sites that check for it can change to have little to no motion in their designs. An Introduction to the Reduced Motion Media Query.
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