New screen for content import --> multiple imports

the plan here is to create angular based modals for the following content types: blog, news. The significance of blog and news is that they allow multiple imports to be stored.


  1. Do Not display the tabs until an import file has been added. Disregard the Class title -- this is reference only. The title of the Modal should reflect the menu label in Import. Ex. "Class" in the admin menu import section will also be used as the modal title "Class"

  2. Once an import file has been added, display (2) tabs -- Import and Manage. The form present in the Import tab is the same as the form in spec 1).

  3. Clicking the Manage tab will display the loading spinner inside the tab <span ng-show="spinning" class="spinner ng-hide"></span> This spinner is already in use in the new globals settings Save buttons. Note that multiple imports will appear in a select list -- All Feeds dropdown below. The loading spinner mentioned above will also appear in the Filter button when clicked.

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