Person import limit and behavior

One of my colleagues has 198 people that she needs to import as the Person content type to her OpenScholar site. She downloaded and prepared the import template, but when she ran the import she found that not everyone was imported.

I did some investigation and found that there's a limit of 50 rows that are imported at once. (At least for the Person type; I haven't tried others.) I searched the documentation and Community, but wasn't able to find any information to confirm this so I'm hoping this isn't intentional and the limit can be increased.

I also noticed some interesting behavior in the current import setup. The first time I imported my colleague's spreadsheet, the first 50 rows were created. The next time I imported the same spreadsheet, the next 50 rows were created. This continue until the fourth time, when only 48 rows were created (finishing the 198 total). However, when I ran the import one more time, 50 more rows were created, now starting back at the beginning again.

It seems like some kind of duplicate checking is happening, but when everything is a duplicate it's back to square one as though there are no duplicates. Is this intended?
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