some Sign In page links identified only by color

Siteimprove can flag links as not meeting WCAG 1.4.1 Use of Color.

"If links in blocks of text are identified only by color, the color contrast ratio between the link text and the surrounding text needs to be at least 3:1. This is not the case here.

Furthermore, for links identified only by color there should be additional visual cues when users point to the link with their mouse or move keyboard focus to the link. The additional visual cues could be underlining the link or making it bold."

In general, it seems the links on OpenScholar Sign In pages have just enough color contrast with the surrounding text meet the 3:1 ratio but on at least some sites an additional stylesheet loads with a different link color which does not. The Instructional Media Services site uses the Monument theme and its Sign In pages have this issue. I'm not sure what theme it uses but the ABCD VMG Sign In pages appear to have the same issue.

On the Sign In pages, Siteimprove identifies two links, "Visit our roadmap" and "Find out more," the latter being within hidden login announcement. It does not identify the "Forgot your password?" link below the OpenScholar Password field but it has the same issue.

Changing the color to increase the contrast is one solution. Allowing the default text-decoration: underline is also a sufficient visual cue but in general its best for links to have both a color and non-color visual cue.

The links don't override the browser's default outline styling on focus, so that's good.
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