Two records from people I imported where I customized the path


Something strange happened to people that I imported where I also added a path change. This maybe related to the issue I'm having with this problem post, but it's hard to tell: http://community.openscholar.harvard....

I have two records for Mariano Sánchez-Talanquer: and

Both pages are published, but when I do a content search, I only get one record as a result, and I'm not limiting the search by content type:

Also, I can edit /mariano-sanchez-talanquer but I can't edit /people/mariano-sanchez-talanquer

I checked out the NodeID numbers with the hope that I could edit it that way.
/mariano-sanchez-talanquer is 1133731 (the one I can edit)
/people/mariano-sanchez-talanquer is 1132411 (the one I can't edit, so I looked at the source code)

I tried to just plug the new NodeID into the edit URL, but I got a "you are not authorized, only the site owner has access..." message. And I am the site owner.

I'm checking out others and I've found it happened elsewhere (there may be more, but I'm not done checking): and

I changed the path of people with accents in their names when I imported them because I didn't want them to get character entity codes in their URL. But I just would put the name in the column (mariano-sanchez-talanquer) not (people/mariano-sanchez-talanquer) which is maybe what caused the problem? That said, the template you can download from the import dialogue box, does not indicate that you need to include "people/" in the path for that column in the sample data.

This is also causing problems with people who are trying to sync names to other sites. Mariano is an example.

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